Friday, March 4, 2016

REGISTER: SCU Philalethic

Registration is now open for the SCU Philalethic! Sign up early, tournament will fill up!

This is a large invitational tournament, open to competitors of all age, grades, and skill levels. It offers competition in virtually all competitive speech and debate formats that are popular in California and nationally, in both novice and varsity divisions.

Competition takes place over the course of 2 days. All preliminary rounds of speech will conclude on SAT, with semis/finals rounds on SUN for students that advance. Debate prelims begin on SAT, finish early on SUN, followed by elimination rounds through the night.

@ Santa Clara University
Registration Deadline: Monday 03/21

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Registration is now open for the EV Novite!

This is a novice debate tournament (no speech!) open to first year high school competitors and middle school students. All students will get the chance to compete in three rounds. Please note that it takes place in San Jose, CA on a Friday right after school!

Friday, January 22, 2016

REGISTER: Cesar Chavez Memorial Tournament

Registration is now open for the Cesar Chavez Memorial Tournament!

This is a middle school only tournament that offers students
the chance to compete in both speech and debate events.

Registration Deadline: Wednesday 02/17

Friday, June 20, 2014

RESULTS: National Middle School Tournament @ Overland Park, KS

The Brooks Academy took 27 students to compete at the 2014 National Middle School Tournament, which was held WED 06/18 – FRI 06/20, and was hosted by Overland Park, KS. Exactly 100 schools from around the country entered in the competition, with 750 students competing in over 1200 different entries. After three grueling days of competition, The Brooks Academy’s students had collectively competed in over 70 rounds of elimination competition, won the national title in three different events, and as a team was recognized with the Overall School of Excellence Award, given to the Top 3 best performing schools in both Speech and Debate events. This is the second year in a row our staff’s program has been fortunate enough to earn the Overall School of Excellence Award, and we are already looking forward to next year’s 2015 National Tournament in Dallas and the chance to once again defend our title.

A special thanks to all of our students, coaches, and parents who work extremely hard to support our team. Our program's ability to make speech and debate available to as many students as possible and all of the success we continue to enjoy is a direct result of all of the love and support we are so fortunate to receive year in and year out. Thanks everyone.


Highlights from the tournament included…

-- Our program set several new team records, including clearing 9 entries to the Final Round: Dec, DI, Duo, Extemp (4), Imp, and PF.

-- The Brooks Academy brought 5 Extempers, who collectively finished prelim rounds with scores of only 1 or 2. After Quarter-Finals, all 5 of our Extempers also cleared to Semi-Finals, and 4 made it to the Final Round: Ankush Swarnakar, Arian Raje, Devesh Kodnani, and Ishan Lakhani. Arian Raje would go on to win 1st Place, earning our team’s first back-to-back national title in an event. Last year, Anshul Shah also won Extemp Speaking, which was our team’s first national title.

-- The majority of our debaters showed off their versatility and also cleared in a speech or second debate event: Lavanya Singh (DI & LD), Devesh Kodnani (Extemp & PF), Ankush Swarnakar (Extemp & PF), Ishika Chawla (Congress & PF), Robert Chen (DI & PF), Roanak Baviskar (Extemp & PF), Praveen Nair (Congress & PF), and Aman Agarwal (Congress & Duo).

-- Speaking of our debate squad: all six of our Public Forum teams cleared to elimination rounds, and as a group, went 26-4 in preliminary rounds, losing only four rounds.

-- Suki Singh, our only student entered in four speech events, cleared to elimination rounds in all four events.

-- Arian Raje cleared to elims in all three of his events (DEC, EXTEMP, & IMP), made the Final Round in all three, and finished as the 1st Place National Champion in two events: Extemporaneous & Impromptu Speaking. He placed 3rd in Declamation. Arian Raje becomes our program’s first student to make the Final Round in three events, our first National Champion in two events, and our first 1st Place Champion at both the California State and National Tournament levels for his efforts in Extemp Speaking.

The following is a list of all of our students who qualified to the elimination rounds of competition and how they placed…

Arian Raje (3rd Place)
Eva Prakash (Qtrs)
Julia Park (Qtr)

Lavanya Singh (5th Place)
Robert Chen (Qtrs)
Rohan Kota (Qtrs)
Suki Singh (Qtrs)

Aman Agarwal & Ayush Agarwal (2nd Place)
James Dang & Suki Singh (Semis)
Durga Badrinarayanan & Suki Singh (Qtrs)

Arian Raje (1st Place)
Devesh Kodnani (3rd Place)
Ankush Swarnakar (4th Place)
Ishan Lakhani (5th Place)
Roanak Baviskar (Semis)

Ishan Lakhani (Semis)
Rohan Srinivasan (Semis)

Arian Raje (1st Place)
Ishan Lakhani (Qtrs)

Eva Prakash (Semis)

Rohan Srinivasan (Semis)

Rohan Kota (Semis)
Julia Park (Qtrs)
Suki Singh (Qtrs)

Aman Agarwal (Semis)
Ishika Chawla (Semis)
Praveen Nair (Semis)

Lavanya Singh (Qtrs)
Rishi Bala (Doubles)

Devesh Kodnani & Ankush Swarnakar (1st Place)
Avi Patel & Abhishek Shah (Semis)
Ishika Chawla & Robert Chen (Qtrs)
Roanak Baviskar & Praveen Nair (Octos)
Surya Pugal & Sahith Tummala (Octos)
Rohit Ghoshal & Aarushi Sahejpal (Doubles)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

RESULTS: 2014 Western JV & Novice Championship @ SFSU

After an extended winter break, The Brooks Academy officially returned to competition by attending the 2nd Annual Western JV & Novice Championship hosted by San Francisco State University. Despite the long winter layoff, our program sent two dozen students, and fielded entries in Lincoln-Douglas, Public Forum, and Student Congress. By the end of the final rounds on Sunday, our students had done extremely well across the board: we cleared 7 of the 14 Public Forum teams in elimination rounds, swept all 5 JV Public Forum speaker awards, finished 2nd Place runner-up in both Public Forum divisions, and won 1st Place in Student Congress. Congratulations everyone.

5th Place (Qtrs) - Lavanya Singh

2nd Place - Rohit Gohshal & Aarushi Sahejpal
3rd Place (Semis) - Roanak Baviskar & Akhil Bhamidipati
5th Place (Qtrs) - Rohan Srinivasan & Andre Wang

2nd Place Speaker - Rohan Srinivasan

2nd Place - Ishika Chawla & Robert Chen
3rd Place (Semis) - Ani Gottiparthy & Anshul Shah
5th Place (Qtrs) - Kunal Agarwal & Sai Dwibhashyam
5th Place (Qtrs) - Devesh Kodnani & Sukhman Singh

1st Place Speaker - Ishika Chawla
2nd Place Speaker - Anshul Shah
3rd Place Speaker - Ani Gottiparthy
4th Place Speaker - Robert Chen
5th Place Speaker - Kunal Agarwal

1st Place - Michelle Huang
3rd Place - Aman Agarwal

Sunday, December 15, 2013

RESULTS: 2013 Warrior Invitational @ Ygnacio Valley HS

The Brooks Academy attended the 2013 Warrior Invitational hosted by Ygnacio Valley HS in Concord, CA on Sunday 12/15/13. We fielded an entry of 23 students in both speech and debate events. After 3 rounds of speech and 6 rounds of debate spanning 12 hours of competition, top three finishers in each event were awarded 3rd Place Bronze, 2nd Place Silver, and 1st Place Gold for their efforts.

At the end of the tournament, our students swept all 1st Place Golds in Novice division events.


1st Place Gold - Praveen Nair & Ankush Swarnakar
2nd Place Silver - Arian Raje & Andrew Wang


2nd Place Silver - Ishika Chawla & Robert Chen


1st Place Gold - Tejas Harith
1st Place Gold - Arian Raje
2nd Place Silver - Devesh Kodnani


1st Place Gold - Lavanya Singh
3rd Place Bronze - Arian Raje

INTERPRETATION: (Duo & HI Collapsed)1st Place Gold - Anmol Dhaka
2nd Place Silver - Grace Jiang & Jessica Lee
3rd Place Bronze - Lavanya Singh

PLATFORM: (Expos, OA, OO, OI collapsed)1st Place Gold - Eva Prakash
2nd Place Silver - Eva Prakash**

**Eva performed both her OI and OO in separate panels, and ended up closing out the event with 1st and 2nd place honors!

Special congratulations to Arian, Eva, and Lavanya for their multiple Top 3 finishes- especially to Arian, who took home a full Bronze, Silver, and Gold set for Impromptu, Parli, & Extemp respectively.

And last buy not least, a very well-deserved shout out and thank you this holiday season to all of our coaches, alumni, and friends who came out to judge this weekend and support our students through this whole first semester of 2013-14. We couldn't have had this much success if it weren't for all of you.